Princess, help me, my name is …

Q: How do you usually say these following words:

1.princess me name is sara

thank you so much!

– sara

A: Hi Sara, here we go:

1. Princess = 姫 hi me  or more politely 姫様 hi me sa ma    As Disney is so popular in Japan you hear it a lot!

2. 助けて! ta su ke te!   is “help me”   although it’s a little on the alarmist side, more a case of “I’ve been attatcked by space aliens, help me!”   than “could you help me please?”    In which case a quick すみません sumimasen “Excuse me” would be best.

3. In the next books they translate My name is …. as 私の名前は… wa ta shi no na ma e wa.   But this is one of those horrible phrases than you only ever see in textbooks.  In real life everyone just says their name and then です de su after it.  The tricky bit is figure out how to say your name in a Japanese accent!

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