Really, really big Japanese numbers

Q: Thanks a lot for all your anserws, they are so useful to me.
Recently you answered about a very BIG number. But what’s the number after “oku” and after??? – Nadia

A: Ichi Oku – 1億 is 100,000,000 which is a nice number to learn because 1億円 (ichi oku en – “en” is how you say “yen” in Japanese) is about 1 million US dollars.

The next one up is 兆 – chou – 1,000,000,000,000 – which you often hear on the news talking about the national debt!

( Funnily enough, the kanji for the fruit “peach” is 桃 (momo) which is 兆 standing next to a tree (木)!)

Above that you don’t hear too often, but wikipedia has a full list.

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