Sorry! I forgot about the time difference from Japan!

Most of you know there’s a big time difference between between the US, Europe and Japan.  In fact it’s so big that whilst yesterday was Friday for me and today is Saturday, if you’re in the US it’s probably still Friday today.

Or something like that (my head hurts!)

Anyway, I promised I’d keep the price down on the Genki Japan Getting Started in Japanese Pack until Friday. I was actually thinking of Japan Friday.   But now I figured that’s probably not quite fair for those of you not in Japan.  So I’m going to keep the offer going till Sunday – in Japan!

(Actually I think I’m totally lost now)

Basically if you want the best possible start in getting really great at Japanese, and I think you will because I always did, then you’ve probably got a last chance to get the pack right now before the price increases!

And thanks to everyone who has bought it this week, it’s been the biggest week for sales ever – I’m seriously going to think of some cool freebie upgrades for you to say thanks!

Be genki,


P.S.  If you’re reading this on Monday morning.  Sorry, I’ll try harder next time!  But there’s probably a new video up for you on my Youtube channel!

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