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Last week Christine asked about how to visit and/or study in Japan. Kristin has very kindly wrote in to recommend I haven’t heard of them before, but Kristin has given them a glowing review, maybe you’d like to join too?

I saw that Christine from Denmark posted a question about how to study art in Japan, and I have a suggestion she should check out  They have a wonderful program for the summer! Students from all over the world spend 2-12 weeks together, travelling together all over Japan (country side and big cities), staying with local families,  learning about Japanese culture and each other and what is special about each city. Participating in World Campus Christine would improve her Japanese and it would give her a chance to explore Japan and study art on her days off and the time in between the sessions (each session is about 2 weeks, visiting 2 cities in each session).

I would highly recommend for Christine to check out their web. site!!


Thanks Kristin, it’s great to see everyone helping everyone else out!

Be genki,


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  1. Baffour Atuah says:

    Hi, after reading Kristin’s submission, I was motivated to also help others. I’ve heard of something called the JET program where the Japanese government look for recently graduated Uni students to get a paid job teaching English in Japan. It’s a great way to start if you’re interested in living there, I found this out from my French teacher who did this, and managed to learn Japanese from scratch after going on it. They also pay for accommodation for you, which is great! The website is and I hope this helps someone fulfil their dream, in 2009 alone they welcomed 4,436 participants from 36 different countries!

    Glad I could help
    Baffour from London England

  2. Remona says:

    Hi Richard i am Rémona and i’m 12 yrs old.
    I wanted to ask if a ”kiddo” like me could go to a japanese junior high school or something it may sounds goovy to hear it from a girl 12 yrs old but i just wanted to now

    Bye , Remona,Netherlands

  3. Richard says:

    @Remona: I don’t see why not!

    @Baffour: The JET programme’s how I came to Japan – if you’ve got the “get out of it what you put in” type attitude it’s the best gig going!

  4. Richard says:

    Rachel also wrote in to say:

    She can also try enrolling at Temple University Japan Campus. It is a 4 year american college in Tokyo that has Art as one of its majors if she’s interested.

    Here’s there website:

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