Study IT in Japan

Q: I am really interested to do my master degree in JAPAN in information technology .When I visited embassy of japan in our country they told me learn Japanese and go for MEXT scholarship exam. my question is how much difficult is to learn this language? and also as I am Indian how many Indian students are there studying in Japan in technological field? –  Pragati

A: It’s not that hard.  Usually they say a year of full time hard study to get completely proficient.  However in IT many of the terminologies are similar to English so it’s a lot easier to get up to speed than say studying medicine where you would have a whole new bunch of tough kanji to learn.

Having said that I do believe that many of the MEXT (or other) scholarships usually contain language study components to get you a good level of Japanese before and during your main studies.

There aren’t that many Indian students in Japan, but there is a reasonably sized community in the larger cities.

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