Teaching Spanish in Japan

Q: Congratulations! Your page is so good. It really made my day. And you´re right about the songs. I´ve been humming  the tunes to myself the all day long! I´m a beginner Japanese student and I find your explanations and material very useful. One can see that you really love what you do. Keep on the good work. I´m a translator, with a bachelor´s degree in Translation and Interpreting and currently I´m  attending graduate school to get a Master in Journalism and Media. My mother tongue is Spanish, and my foreign languages are English and French. I´m interested in teaching Spanish in Japan, so I can get to know the culture and improve my Japanese. I have experience teaching English for kids, teens and adults  and have a teaching certificate from a Pedagogic College from my country, Venezuela. I wonder if you could suggest any companies that hire Spanish teachers from abroad.  Again, congratulations and blessings! Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Lisett

A: Hi Lisett, thank you for the nice words!

Probably the best thing to do is to do a quick google search for スペイン語会話 – supein go kaiwa – Spanish lessons.  And see the names of schools that pop up.  Send them an email and hopefully they might get in touch with you.  Spanish isn’t obviously as popular as English in Japan so there will be a lot more competition for the jobs so you’ll probably have to apply for loads.

Normally I’d also recommend the JET progamme, but it doesn’t look like Venezuela is on their list!

P.S. If anyone wants to learn Spanish, check out my other site www.GenkiSpanish.com!

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