Tip for learning Katakana


Today is a little different, not a question but a great tip for learning katakana from Randy!


I love your website. Please keep up the good work.

There is one tip that works for me that I would like to share with others.

In an attempt to learn katakana, I apply it to something else that I am genki about.

For example, I am a huge baseball fan. I created a spreadsheet to keep up with the current major league baseball standings but it is written in katakana. That way I can update it daily and read the katakana and also keep up with my favorite team, ピッツバーグ·パイレーツ. This could be done with anyone’s various hobbies.

Next I may go through my recipes and convert some of my favorites. たのしい!
Thank you,

Thanks Randy, that’s an excellent tip!

If any of you have any other great tips for learning Japanese, please do send them in!

P.S.  My Katakana games are here and my Katakana Workbook is in my Learn Japanese Pack!

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