What about “love” for friends?

Q: Hi hi Richard!
First of all, arigatō ^^,
your web page is really helpful to learn the basics of japanese language, beside it’s FREE!! 😀 which is a very good thing (the courses in the Chilean-Japanese Cultural institute are rather expensive for me :p)

I read the FAQ of Aishiteru, so I wonder what is the word for saying “I love you”,but refer to a friend? because you said that aishiteru has the powerful meaning (couple) and I don’t want to give the wrong idea XD.  That’s it for now ^^, and thanks again.  –  María Gabriela

A: Ooo, good question!  I can pretty much say you’d never really use aishiteru for a friend, that is usually way too strong.  The other way of saying “I love you” is “大好き!” (daisuki) which you can also use for food or other things e.g. ラーメン大好き! (ramen daisuki) = I love ramen  or even for a teacher リチャード先生大好き!   So I guess you could say 大好き for a friend, but just be careful how you say it, as with English all the meaning comes from how, not necesarily what, you say!  But to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they “love” a friend over here!

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