What does my name mean in Japanese?

Q: Hi! I love your site, most the japanese I know came from genkijapan.net. But i’ve always wondered, what does my name mean in japanese? My name is french for “graceful beauty” so do you know how to say “graceful beauty” in japanese? Arigato- Annabelle

A: Hi Annabelle.  Thank you for the nice words!

This is the most popular question I get here, so I’ve made a video for you!

When dealing with names then 美 (mi) is the word that you most often use for “beautiful” . For example 美智子 (Michiko) or 美和(Miwa) or 美香 (Mika) which mean “beautiful knowledge child”, “Beautiful peace” and “Beautiful aroma” respectively.  It’s used a lot in names.  There isn’t really a suitable word for “graceful” in Japanese.    But unfortunately in Japan non-Japanese names are not translated for their meaning, but purely for the sound.   So you would become アナベル (Anaberu) or アンナベル (Annaberu) in katakana!

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  1. “Graceful” can be 優美(ゆうび)in Japanese, which means the gracefulness in behavior and attitude.
    When used for a name, we read the kanji 優美 as Yumi(ゆみ).
    So Annabelle can be translated as 優美.
    Wow, the sound is similar to my name, Yumiko!

    But as Richard says, we Japanese understand your name better if you put it into katakana.
    If you say like the following, we understand your name very well.
    Watashi no namae wa Anaberu desu. Nihongo de 優美(yuubi)to iu imi desu.
    (My name is Annabelle. It means “graceful beauty” in Japanese.)

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