What does the dot between two words mean in Japanese?


KLB wrote in to ask:

What does the dot between the two words stand for?

You usually only see this in Katakana words and it’s just to show where one word ends and another starts.

(Because in Japanese you usually don’t have spaces between words like we do in English!)

e.g. the famous Don Quixote department store (a super cheap store which is a favourite for students shopping after going drinking!) is written ドん・キホーテ in Japanese to show the “Don” is separate from the “Quixote”

You can also see if for foreign actors names e.g. can you guess who ブラッド・ピット is? (Although he’s usually called ブラピ in Japanese!)

Sometimes you can also use the = sign to split names up if there are several of them e.g. Obi Wan Kenobi comes out as オビ=ワン・ケノービ in Japanese!  (Which is kind of strange as it’s a Japanese influences name anyway! )

Hope that helps!

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