What’s the difference between “mou ikkai” and “mou ichido”?

Q: Konnichiwa,
I have been wondering if there is a difference between mou ichido and mou ikkai. I have heard both translated as “one more time” but are they interchangable or do they only apply to specific situations.

A: They are pretty much interchangeable.  I can’t really think of a situation where you would use one rather than the other.

Q: Also can you swap ichi out for another number, i.e. two more times, five more times, etc.

A: Good question!  You’d think you could, but sadly, no, you can’t! : )    In this case you’d have to say 後2回 – ato ni kai – meaning “after 2 times” or 後5回 – ato go kai for 5 times.

Thank you for all the time, hard work, and enthusiasm that you put into this wonderful website that helps so many people work towards their dreams to learn another language. – Rae

Thank you, it’s always nice to hear such feedback, it makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Be genki,


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