When are the cheap flights to Japan?

Q: Hi richard, I really want to go to Japan but it’s so expensive.  Do you know which month would have the cheapest rates to fly from the US to Japan? – Aaron

A: Hi Aaron,

It’s probably not a case of which month to go as such, it’s probably a case of which year.  This year the yen is super high so everything is really expensive.  It also was about 10 years ago.  But two years ago the yen was really down and there were some really, really  cheap flights to Japan.  So I’d say keep an eye on the exchange rates!

Having said that, the biggest expense probably wouldn’t be the international flight in getting here, but the internal flights or trains you’ll need to take inside Japan.   So definitely avoid Obon  ( mid to end August) , Golden Week (last week of April, first week of May) and New Year because everyone in Japan is on the move and prices go through the roof!  Weather wise May and October are probably the nicest.

Be genki,


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