Where is it? + Strawberry in Japanese

Q: How do you say- Where is it? and- strawberry in Japanese? – Christy

Q: How do I ask stuff like *Where is the dog?* and stuff? Eleanor

A: Thanks for the questions!   “Where” is simply どこ : do ko?

One beautiful thing about Japanese is that you can use the question just like that,  just say “doko?” to mean the whole sentence of “Where is it?”

In Japanese dog is 犬 inu.   (The kanji looks like the symbol for “big” 大 but with a little extra mark on the top right).   So to say “Where is the dog?” you just “Inu wa doko?”

Strawberry is 苺 ichigo (yep, pronounced just like the name Ichigo)    So the question of the day is, how do you say “Where is the strawberry?” in Japanese?

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P.S.  You can hear the word “doko” in the video below:

Download Version is here.

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