Which is the best Wordtank to get? (Answer:None of them! :))

elecdictTori wrote in to ask:

Hi Richard, could you please advise how to choose which Wordtank to get? I can’t find any information in English to determine the features or how to operate one when I do get one. I’m looking at S series and A series for my budget as a beginner. Thank you. Tory.

Hi Tori,

Whilst I credit the Wordtank for getting my Japanese so good (it let me jump from the bottom to top classes in a year), these days I’m finding Mark’s Japanese app on the iPhone to be so much better.  It’s a heck of a lot easier to carry around, plus is way cheaper!

I guess you could go for the Wordtank and I think most of the newer ones should be fine, but as I say, since switching to the iPhone I haven’t really looked at the Wordtanks much, and it is so nice not having to carry around another gadget!

The downside is that there isn’t an Android version!

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